This week I’m rolling back the clock to the heady days of 2005, the year Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Youtube was created and MG Rover went bust. That’s right kids, this time round I’m tackling Sugababes’ number 1 smash hit Push The Button.

The Sugababes have a reputation as a pop hydra, chop off one head and they grow another. Their final incarnation may have contained none of the original members, yet the group is so much more than an interchangeable selection of individuals. In a grand tradition stretching back to the three witches in Macbeth, when these three young women come together as The Sugababes, regardless of who the three women may be, a special kind of magical pop foresight occurs.

This particular certified banger is almost certainly the Black Mirror of pop music. Charlie Brooker may have foreseen pig-gate, but Mutya, Keisha and Heidi predicted the way in which technology would revolutionise our approaches and attitudes towards dating, sex and relationships.

If you’re ready for me boy
You’d better push the button and let me know
Before I get the wrong idea and go
You’re gonna miss the freak that I control


A few early dating websites existed in 2005, however they were not yet in common usage and were still considered something of an oddity. The Sugababes’ desire that the object of their combined desires would “push [a] button and let [them] know” if they’re interested draws distinct parallels with the Yes/No, Swipe Right/Swipe Left approach of apps like Tinder.

Rather than fearing technological advancement, these young women demand it and are frustrated when their male counterparts do not demonstrate the same level of forward thinking. However, through the use of their potent sexuality, they are eventually able to encourage the men to move into the digital age.

Mutya spells it out for us, singing “My sexy ass has got him in the new dimension”, further implicating technology’s transformative effect upon society and relationships. This is not just a new era, it’s a new dimension, a new reality that completely changes the way we interact with one another. We’re no longer fumbling in the proverbial dark for a hint of affirmation. With the swipe of a finger or the push of a button we know all we need to know.

This shit’s gonna get sexy.




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