This Is A Tit Show, Now F- Off And Stop Sexualising Me

Two women, one sitting and one standing, gaze into the audience. Both topless but for a bra, the stillness is broken by the pulling of a ribbon out of a party hat attached to each breast. One woman steps forward, removing her bra.

“This is A Tit Show. It’s a show about tits. It’s a show about boobs. A show about boobies. Melons. Watermelons. Cupcakes.”

Thus begins Mojo Company’s newest production A Tit Show, a joyful and self-aware exploration of the asexual functions and pleasures of tits.

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Theatre N16: A Play, A Pint and Fair Pay

Tucked away above The White Hart pub in Stoke Newington, upstairs from the trendy North East London regulars, is one of the most exciting new theatre spaces to open in London in recent months. At the time of writing, Theatre N16 has been putting on shows for less than a week, but already their varied and exciting programme suggests an assuredness about them that one might expect from a more established fringe theatre.

The White Hart in Stoke Newington

The White Hart in Stoke Newington

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Students shocked that woman has VAGINA

Students were left stunned recently upon discovering that their female teacher did in fact possess genitalia. The grand reveal occurred in a drama class, prompting uproar amongst the sensitive artistic types who all swooned in unison. One student claims to have cried themselves to sleep that night, whilst another gibbering wreck revealed “I’d never seen one before, I thought it might eat me!”

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And the award for gross under-representation goes to…

Ah yes. The Brit Awards. That point in the UK music calendar when Britain’s brightest (and highest selling) pop artists are rewarded with a statuette of Britannia, the goddess symbol of the nation. Almost as famous as the musicians who receive the awards are the dramas that seem to happen every year. Who can forget Jarvis Cocker getting up on stage and baring his arse during Michael Jackson’s performance of ‘Earth Song’? Or Adele being cut off mid-speech by James Corden so that the Blur medley finale could go ahead on schedule? This year’s ceremony followed in the grand tradition of hiccups and fuck ups, but while everyone else is talking about Madonna toppling over or Kanye’s explicit lyrics being blanked out despite airing after the watershed, I want to talk about something much more scandalous. The distinct under-representation of women amongst the award winners and nominees.

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