And the award for gross under-representation goes to…

Ah yes. The Brit Awards. That point in the UK music calendar when Britain’s brightest (and highest selling) pop artists are rewarded with a statuette of Britannia, the goddess symbol of the nation. Almost as famous as the musicians who receive the awards are the dramas that seem to happen every year. Who can forget Jarvis Cocker getting up on stage and baring his arse during Michael Jackson’s performance of ‘Earth Song’? Or Adele being cut off mid-speech by James Corden so that the Blur medley finale could go ahead on schedule? This year’s ceremony followed in the grand tradition of hiccups and fuck ups, but while everyone else is talking about Madonna toppling over or Kanye’s explicit lyrics being blanked out despite airing after the watershed, I want to talk about something much more scandalous. The distinct under-representation of women amongst the award winners and nominees.

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