Swim Deep @ Electrowerkz Upstairs 1/4/15

One of NME’s poster boys from 2013, a year that hailed the arrival of Palma Violets and fellow Brummies Peace into the indie big leagues, Swim Deep returned for their first London show for around a year and a half. With a new album set for release in the summer, this gig marked the live premiere of their new sound.

Arriving on stage promptly at 9:30, they dived into a new song with frontman Austin warning “it’s a bit weird”. What followed was a nine minute dark psychedelic number containing the ominous refrain “this is the house of fun, we’re going to run and run”. Next up was first album hit Honey, guaranteed to get the crowd singing. They continued to intermingle old and new material during the rest of the set to an overwhelmingly positive reception.

swim deep

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Sivu @ St John on Bethnal Green 24/3/15

St John on Bethnal Green is much like any other London venue apart from the fact that the man serving you at the bar is wearing a church dog collar, the toilets are downstairs in the crypt and there is a hushed atmosphere unlike any other gig I’ve been to. The church setting complimented the ethereal, uplifting vibes Sivu’s music gives off. Sadly we missed the first support act but the second, the softly spoken Sophie Jamieson, offered a very promising set up for what was to come.


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